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Helping first responders, medical professionals, active military, military veterans, and their families support one another collectively on a safe and private platform while also providing counseling services and assistance. MOBILE APPLICATION coming soon on both iOS and Android!


Suicide rates have drastically increased for our heroes. Unfortunately, there is a negative stigma on mental health, which prevents those in need to reach out. Many believe reaching out for help will result in losing their jobs or losing credibility with co-workers, supervisors, family, and the general public.

That is why our founder began researching a new modern approach to battle mental illness. SilentHero was designed to help our heroes and their families connect with one another while having the option to receive additional help (if needed) in a private and safe manner.

We offer counseling services, a private mobile app, family services (those who lost a loved one to suicide), and training/education.

With your help, we can move even faster to drastically reduce suicide rates.

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Services We Offer

“Together we can end the negative stigma on mental health”

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Non-Profit Information

  • Counseling
  • Training and Education
  • Spouse Education/Engagement
  • Mobile Application (iOS & Android)
  • Social Platform to Connect
  • Therapeutic Hobby Methods
  • Family Assistance

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