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Helping first responders, medical professionals, active military, military veterans, and their families support one another collectively on a safe and private platform while also providing counseling services and assistance. MOBILE APPLICATION coming soon on both iOS and Android!


Suicide rates have drastically increased for our heroes. Unfortunately, there is a negative stigma on mental health, which prevents those in need to reach out. Many believe reaching out for help will result in losing their jobs or losing credibility with co-workers, supervisors, family, and the general public. That is why our founder began researching a new modern approach to battle mental illness. SilentHero was designed to help our heroes and their families connect with one another while having the option to receive additional help (if needed) in a private and safe manner. We offer counseling services, a private mobile app, family services (those who lost a loved one to suicide), and training/education.

With your help, we can move even faster to drastically reduce suicide rates. Donate or Volunteer today!

Our founder developed a new method to battle mental health as well as a mobile app. After years of research and interviews, the modern approach to his growing issue was created in the form of an easy-to-use mobile application.  The app was designed by and for veterans, active military, nurses, and first responders to be an open-forum communication tool on a safe and private platform. Open discussions on both positive impacts and negative occurrences in their career. Brag about your accomplishments, ask how others balance life and work, ask for advice on how to deal with a tragic event that you cannot get out of your head, and just connect with others who understand your livelihood. The feed will be vetted by moderators (retired members of each discipline) who will oversee their discipline’s feed and be available for peer-to-peer communication. The app will allow everyone to group chat, private chat, phone call, and video chat with one another anonymously.

Benefits of using SilentHero include meeting with people who speak your language because it is common to share your experience and talk about what you have been through and what you have done – things that relate to why you are there and seeking support. It is helpful to know that you are speaking to a group of people who understand the lingo and situations. Learning from people who have been where you are: You will meet people in your peer support group who started where you are and have seen what you have seen; and moved forward to a place of recovery. Certain health problems are common among certain professions given the nature of the job. Your support group will be able to help you know what to look for. No matter what you have been through, what you say or how you say it, your peers have likely been through it, seen it before, or heard it from someone else. There is no need to fear the judgment of the group when you are doing nothing more than sharing your experience on the job.

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“Together we can end the negative stigma on mental health”

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  • Mobile Application (iOS & Android)
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  • Family Assistance

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